Diamond clearance track-custom clearance folder

Diamond Track

The Standards Institute of Israel (SII) established a track for importers who are listed in the Green Track and whose products are sold within their own stores.

Listed costumers in this track are given facilitations for getting quick authorization to release their items and sell them following the arrival of the shipment to Israel and before the SII decides on the inspection procedures that must be implemented on the shipment, based on Regulation 401, chapter (E) – “Green Track”.

  1. The Green Track importer submits the application form, requesting to be added to the Diamond Track after checking his eligibility for the Diamond Track (pursuant to Article 6.1 C, chapter E of Regulation No. 401) at the following SII email address: gali_aviv@sii.org.il.
  2. An interview with the Green Track Director will determine if the importer meets the requirements.
  3. A preliminary examination is conducted by the relevant lab representative in the customer's location and storerooms, as per the standards of the Track.
  4. If the results of the preliminary examination are consistent with the requirements of the regulations, the importer’s declaration will be checked by the customer.
  5. The importer’s application is accepted and registered in the Mitav system as a Diamond Track customer. The customer will then be notified that the importer has been added to this track.
  6. Once the importer is registered in the Mitav system, the system recognizes the importer as being listed in the Diamond Track and recommends the technical representative to issue a clearance permit for the goods and give an immediate official standard for all products that are listed in the registered application in the Green Track.