Green / Golden line with Israeli Institute of Standards and Metrology

Green / Golden Track

The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) established a track for trusted importers who import products from factories under SII quality assurance certification. Facilitations in this track reduce the ordinary inspection procedures by 50%-66%, depending on Appendix Q and in accordance with the terms provided in Regulation 401, Chapter E – “Green Track”.


Application procedures for classification within the Green Track

  1. Apply for Green Track classification by downloading the application form from the SII website and enclosing a certificate to indicate that the factory adopts a production quality system.
  2. Both the application and the certificate can be sent to the SII via the following e-mail address:
  3. Both the Green Track director and the relevant lab check the importer’s data and the record of import orders, and then the of the track director either approves or rejects the application. (This process may take a week or more, depending on the quantity of products requested for the Green Track.)
  4. If the application is approved, the importer and the relevant documents of the product are marked in green.
  5. If the application is rejected, the importer is informed with an explanation for the rejection.
  6. Mitav System examines the listed forms in the documents of the green/golden-marked products, and the process begins with facilitations of 33%-50% in the examination procedure system.
  • When the importer sends an application to release a certain item by Green Track, only 50% of shipments is examined.
  • In the event that the importer continues importing in the Green Track, he is automatically classified under the Golden Track, and then only 33% of the imported shipments will be selected for examination.