Initial Preparation for Exporter

General Information To Provide Exporters Before Starting Export Operations, Exporters Must Consider:

 Evaluate the potential external market for the goods to be exported
 Gather information on specifications, conditions and quality in the country to be exported
Ensure that there are any trade agreements signed by the Palestinian National Authority under which the exporter may grant exemption from tariff or reduced tariff
Negotiate and agree with the supplier on contract terms such as quantity, quality, packaging, labeling requirements, addresses, prices, payment mechanism, transport mechanism and shipping costs.
Obtaining all documents, licenses and certificates required for export, including certificate of origin, phytosanitary or animal certificates, and export license.
Liaise with the clearing agent in the importing country with a view to collecting information relating to export technical requirements and procedures.
It is preferable for the farmer to open a register in the Directorate of Agriculture in his governorate so that he can request the export and the quantity of production and determine the quantities to be exported, to facilitate the procedures later
When exporting to the EU, the customs export declaration must be a Palestinian statement on behalf of the Palestinian source, otherwise it will not benefit from exemptions granted to Palestinian exporters.